A passionate sexual experience is human being's basic right and a blessing from God. My job is to assist everyone on the tantra path. There are two ways to this approach: healing and coaching.

1# Healing sessions are offered to address individual's personal concerns and specific requests, like premature ejaculation, impotance, low libido etc. I use tantra massage as a diagnostic tool, go deep to the root of the problem and handle the issue on an integrated physical, emotional and mental level.    

2# Coaching sessions are experimental. Anyone who wants to enjoy full-body multiple orgasms needs to begin with masturbation, then progress step by step. It's very like learning to drive: you can't travel on the highway directly without first practicing on a parking lot.  

3# Ethic Code: I have clothes on during the whole session. The touch is one directional, no interactivity.

4# Herbal cleansing for enlarged prostate, herpes, watts. This is a herbal formula handed to me from Traditional Chinese Medicine which treated STDs for over three thousand years. With daily 20 minutes herbal bath for $200/month, all these tough chronic illness will be gradually erased. The change is small, but steady until there will be no more recurring outbreak.

My quiet, clean and private studio is located in Richmond, BC, Canada, close to Vancouver Airport. To Book: 604-271-4148 Angela.